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How to Contour With a Ruler

Contouring With a Ruler Is the Key to a Perfectly Symmetrical Face

When we recently chatted with Huda Kattan about her new, incredible lip liners, the word that seemed to come up most was "harmony." Kattan is a big proponent for using makeup to balance out features and create symmetry. In fact, she told us that she developed her Lip Contour pencils for this reason. By just adding a bit of liner to widen or shrink a pout, Kattan declares that a face can look far more balanced and beautiful.

Considering this, it doesn't surprise us that she would start using a ruler to measure and guide her contour application. "I started doing this a while back because I noticed the asymmetry in my face from sleeping on one side of my face for years," she explained to her followers. The result is absolutely gorgeous!

While even Kattan herself believes that going this far for flawless features is "extra," we can still see the appeal. The side of the ruler ensures that your contour is perfectly straight and even, as opposed to our askew, freehand sculpt.

Of course, this method has inspired fans to re-create the look. But while we applaud these makeup artists for embracing and adapting Kattan's techniques, we don't think that we'll be adding a protractor (!) to our makeup routine any time soon.

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