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How to Make Hair Hold a Curl

9 Simple Hacks to Make Straight Hair Hold a Curl

How to Make Hair Hold a Curl
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While I don't suffer from frizz and rainy days don't drive me to tears, I'm still frequently frustrated by my straight hair. It may have a reputation of being one of the easiest textures to manage, but styling is another test entirely. And that's a test I rarely pass. My arduous attempts to add glossy curls to my look always end with the same result: limp, flat locks.

Determined to master my own mane, I reached out to Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan. Turns out, I've been blaming my strands when I'm the one with the terrible technique!

"Naturally straight hair textures can be more difficult to curl," he explained, "but usually the challenges are created in the approach to actually getting the hair to curl." Everything from how I wash my hair to where in my home I use hot tools makes a difference. If your curls unravel, too, read on! Strahan shared nine ways to ensure styling success.

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