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Jewel-Toned Hair DIY

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Clairol Professional

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Loncar

Looking for an excuse to finally try a fun hair color? We've partnered with Clairol Professional to show you that the look you want is only a few simple steps away.

Take one scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and you're bound to come across the brightly colored hair of bloggers and beauty junkies alike. Here at POPSUGAR, we're constantly inspired by the dreamy hair colors going viral, from unicorn to mermaid to rich jewel tones, and one of our very own editors was eager to try vivid hair color herself. When she finally decided to go for it, we were there to document every step of the experience and show how you can do the same. Ahead, see every surprisingly simple step of her transformation, including styling tips.

The Hair Color Transformation

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Loncar

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