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Kat Von D Fetish Makeup Product Artwork

Kat Von D's Sultry New Packaging Could Almost Qualify as NSFW

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2018 hasn't even started yet, and Kat Von D is already slaying. The businesswoman has a roster of product launches in the new year, including a reformulation of her beloved Studded Kiss Lipstick and a stop, drop, and buy-worthy eyeliner collaboration with pop punk idols Green Day. But she's got more makeup up her (tattoo) sleeve — and judging by the product artwork Kat just released, it may be her sexiest launch yet.

This launch will be called "Fetish," which is apt because we're already obsessed with it, even though we don't know what it is yet. On Dec. 27, Kat showed off the final draft artwork for her upcoming collection, on Instagram.

In the design, gothic lettering spells out "Fetish," with the stem of the "i" sketched to resemble a leather whip. Yup, Kat Von D went there. Is it hot in here, or is it just this sexy-as-heck packaging?

Again, other than showing off the sultry text (wouldn't you?), Kat and her brand have remained tight-lipped with any other details on what, exactly, Fetish is. However, just last week Kat dropped another beauty bombshell by announcing that her brand was going to roll back on launches in 2018.

As Kat wrote on a Dec. 21 Instagram post, "Instead of just pumping out products for the sake of making sales during seasons every year, I thought it would be better to release these special, one-off products that don't necessarily belong to a particular collection, and are just great products that stand alone on their own."

She then revealed her Crushes line, which features similar letter-text packaging. Since there are some similarities between the Crushes and Fetish fonts, it's probably safe to assume both launches will fall under Kat's new "special" collection.

We'll update with more information, so keep your eyes peeled here for any new information, you beauty fiend you.

A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

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