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Kiss-Proof Lipsticks

Girl-Tested, Man-Approved Lipsticks For Valentine's Day

We've all been there. You carefully apply a bright lip color before your big date (yeah, that date with that guy), you leave the door feeling confident, and then an hour into dinner, when you check your face in the bathroom, you realize it's smeared below your lip line and has gotten on your teeth. Worse yet, it's postdate and he finally leans in for the goodnight kiss (fireworks!), but when he pulls away, you're horrified to see your cranberry lip stain all over his chin.

Ladies, we're here to help. With Valentine's Day happening in less than 24 hours, we wanted to ensure you all have perfectly colored puckers for the evening of love. So we rounded up real women to test six rockin' lip products from glosses to traditional lipsticks to something called a lip tar (but more on that later). We wore the shades, and then we even made out with our guys — and got them to weigh in on the taste, texture, and smell of the lippies. Ahead, find six lipsticks perfect for that goodnight smooch . . . and beyond.

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