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Leonardo DiCaprio Baby Photo With Mom's Armpit Hair

How Leonardo DiCaprio's Mom's Armpits Are Breaking the Internet

Photos from Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio's childhood recently surfaced, but instead of oohing over how adorable he was as a blond baby, Internet citizens are picking apart his mother's grooming choices.

Recently, women have been accenting their armpit hair with glitter and rainbow color, but grown-out underarms were hardly seen as edgy back in the bohemian '70s. Facebook page History All Day shared an image of Leo's little family snapped in 1975. To our surprise, the comment section on this image blew up, causing many of History All Day's fans to argue with one another. The topic wasn't the actor's long-awaited Oscar win but mother Irmelin's au naturel armpit hair.

No matter how the Facebook fans feel, we think it's a woman's right to choose how she styles her own body hair. (And if you're concerned about any extra stink that might come along with longer armpit hair, there are plenty of deodorant options to keep odor at bay.)

Image Source: Corbis Images
What Do You Think of Armpit Hair?
What Do You Think of Armpit Hair?
Love it! It's her choice.
Leave it! It seems gross.
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