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Makeup Tutorial Using Only Art Supplies

This YouTuber's Full Face Of Glam Uses Supplies From the Craft Aisle

A variety of bizarre (and meaningful) makeup challenges have been flooding the YouTube beauty community lately. Beauty mavens have been ditching their typical tutorials and hauls to slather on 100 layers of every product you could imagine including face masks, Kylie Lip Kits, and even body wax.

Among the challenges bubbling up on the internet are those using one cosmetic product and finding ways to apply a full face of glam using the single selection.

Tiffany of MissTiffanyMa decided to take her shot at the viral challenge, but she ditched cosmetics altogether and painted her face using only finds from the art supply store. In her innovative tutorial, Tiffany sculpts her cheekbones with paint and colored sidewalk chalk. She relies on colored pencils to define her eyebrows, a Sharpie marker to draw on a cat eye, and crafty glitter to illuminate the high points of her face.

Though Tiffany's final look is pretty incredible considering the supplies used, we highly recommend that you don't embark on your own art supply makeup challenge at home. Craft products can contain toxic ingredients and chemicals that settle beautifully on canvas but can be harmful when applied to sensitive skin.

Watch along to see Tiffany maneuver a full-face with art supplies, and check out some more wild beauty challenges here.

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