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Are More Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Shades Coming Out?

Tarte Says "We Know There Is No Excuse" For the Lack of Diversity in Its Shape Tape Shades

Update: Tarte released a statement via Instagram story the controversy surrounding the limited shade range of its new Shape Tape foundation. We have transcribed the statement below.

You all know by now that we revealed our much anticipated shape tape foundation . . . & the final shade range that we launched was definitely not a full representation of all of you. It may be too little too late, but we can assure you this was not meant in any kind of malicious way. We all just got caught up in #shapetapenation and seeing your tweets asking for it . . . We wanted to get the product out as fast as possible, and we made the decision to move forward before all the shades were ready to go. We know there is no excuse & we take full responsibility for launching this way. We lost sight of what's really important in this industry, & for those who feel alienated in our community, we want to personally apologize. We're doing everything in our power to bring those unfinished shades as fast as we can, at any cost. WE CAN AND WILL DO BETTER.

This post has been edited from its original version.

POPSUGAR can exclusively reveal that 10 more Shape Tape Foundation shades are in the works. These new foundations will join the 30 hues that already exist. The initial offering includes shades as light as Porcelain to ones as deep as Mahogany.

A rep from Tarte explained to POPSUGAR that even when Shape Tape Foundation was revealed, the new colors were already in the works. Tarte reps explained that it could take time to get the full range finished and flawless. "We're always pushing ourselves and suppliers to work as quickly as possible," our contact confirmed.

Tarte is still adding shades to its bestselling Amazonian Clay Foundation. The brand told POPSUGAR it promises to continue to add to and assess the collections, making sure the shade range is comprehensive.

Image Source: Popsugar Photography / Aimee Simeon

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