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Nail Hacks

Master the At-Home Manicure With These 20 Nail Hacks

Nail Hacks

Getting a manicure at the salon can be a luxurious experience — but honestly, who has the time for it every week? Doing your own nails at home can be equally time consuming, not to mention difficult. You have to carefully keep the polish off of your cuticles and not mess your work up while it's wet (we always do). And if you want to incorporate nail art, then you have to have a steady hand and a flair for the creative.

Don't worry — there are some tricks of the trade than can make a DIY mani a pinch (even one that includes nail designs!). We combed through Instagram to round up the savviest hacks that women had to offer. We picked up tricks like using kitchen supplies as substitutes for quick-dry drops, your kids' school supplies can prevent polish from getting on your skin, and Band-Aids can help create flawless nail art. Read on and get ready to impress your girlfriends.

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