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Oscars Beauty Treatments 2019

Veneers, Microinfusion Facials, and Fillers: Here's How Celebrities Gear Up For the Red Carpet

Oscars Beauty Treatments 2019
Image Source: Olga Lorencin Skin Care

At this point, in large part because of social media, we all know the "effortless" beauty we see on the red carpet is hardly void of effort. In fact, many celebrities spend months preparing for their debut at an award show. Do you blame them? With close-ups, high-resolution photos, and gossip sites ready to pounce on one misstep (or "flaw" — whatever that means), those who step onto the red-fabric road are subject to intense and unfair scrutiny.

One facet of pulling together an award-season look is gorgeous, glowing, taut skin. You know what we're talking about: it appears as if they might have been born that way; perhaps they won the genetic lottery. Or, realistically, they have a lot of money to invest into their face and body and plenty of high-profile spas and dermatology offices happily opening their doors to them. Celebrities take extra precaution and build their skincare game for weeks ahead of a big award show; sometimes, they get treatments a mere 24 hours before hitting the carpet. It depends on how effective the treatment is in one sitting.

Los Angeles is brewing with celebrations this week, offering the crème de la crème in skincare and body needs ahead of Sunday's big show. Keep reading to learn about the most luxurious treatments celebrities have been getting this week. (Spoiler alert: it includes a lot of microcurrent treatments!)

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