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Pop-Art Makeup For Halloween

Pop-Art Makeup Ideas So Good, They Actually Look Like Cartoons

  • This Halloween, go for a colorful and creative look with pop-art makeup.
  • The possibilities are endless when it comes to pop-art costumes.
  • To create comic-book makeup, most looks require white and blue face paint, black eyeliner, and red lipstick.

Halloween usually calls for frightening, creepy costumes, like skeleton makeup or Pennywise clown looks, but this year, step out of the box with something more creative like a pop-art costume. Halloween-lovers who want to turn heads without all the fake blood and special effects will love these comic-book makeup looks.

Each pop-art makeup look requires white liner or face paint for the strategically placed dots, other colors of face paint for the colorful pop-art-style lettering, and black liner for accent lines — a single yet heavily drawn tear is a must, too. You can add fun touches to your pop-art Halloween costume with fake eyelashes, one-dimensional cardboard props, soda cans as hair rollers, and so much more. Comic-book-inspired looks are perfect if you're on the hunt for a unique Halloween costume that isn't scary.

This Halloween, be the personification of life imitating art. From Roy Lichtenstein's iconic drawings to your favorite comic-book hero like Wonder Woman, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to see how 20 savvy beauty pros took on the cartoon costume using only their makeup. You'll look like you just jumped straight out of a comic-book page with these makeup looks.

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