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Review of the Storybook Cosmetics Harry Potter Brushes

Are Those Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brushes Any Good? Watch This Honest Review

When Storybook Cosmetics teased its collection of Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes in 2016, product-obsessed factions of the internet nearly exploded. The five-piece line features varying brushes with handles that resemble the wands of pivotal characters, like Hermione and Voldemort, for example. While the brushes are widely coveted, are they any good? One beauty blogger recently put them to the test.

In a YouTube video, shown below, the South Korean beauty blogger who goes by SSIN shared her mixed reviews of the collection. At the start of the video, she expressed some initial doubts. "I'm not convinced the bristles are good quality." The first shadow brush she picked up was slightly uneven and she had to trim the bristles to even them out. Then, she moved on to a smaller detailer brush, which she found rather difficult to use. She said, "Consider it impossible to blend with these brushes. I feel the handle is very uncomfortable."

Her feedback wasn't all negative, however. The angled brush that resembles Hermione's wand, for example, was pretty effective as an eyebrow brush. The fluffier brush that resembles Dumbledore's wand also received a nod: "This Dumbledore's wand brush is good for contouring the nose."

Sadly — after paying $55 and $10 for shipping — SSIN found that the collection "wasn't worth it at all." She did note that they are great as a collector's item. "Sure I love to have it but they aren't practical." Based on this vlogger's testimony, the magical offering may be perfect for passionate fans of the franchise but not for makeup enthusiasts looking to improve their kits.

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