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Undercut Tattoo Hair Trend

Undercut Tattoos Are the Sneakiest Way to Add Flair to Your Hair

Undercut Tattoo Hair Trend

Hot on the heels of the underlights hair color trend (the perfect rainbow technique for conservative offices) is another sneaky style: undercut tattoos. The name of this look is somewhat misleading, as there's no ink involved, but it's definitely edgy!

To rock this look, you'll need to book a salon appointment for an undercut, during which the stylist will buzz off the lower level of your mane. This style should only be apparent once you put your hair up in a ponytail. Then, using a razor, the stylist can cut very precise designs into the short strands at the nape of your neck. The finished result is a secretly badass look — and unless you want to reveal it via an updo, no one but you will ever know that it's there.

That said, this is not a new trend. Women of color have been rocking it for decades! However, we love how rainbow dye has added extra pizzazz to this already-cool style. See the appeal when you read on.

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