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Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair

8 of the Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair

Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair

If your bathroom is littered with hot tools and styling products, listen up. While giving your hair a lot of TLC can be a good thing, you might be doing too much of the wrong thing. A lot of hair faux pas can be pretty obvious, but some of our healthiest hair habits — like getting regular trims and using dry shampoo instead of water washing — can have disastrous results if not done properly, both short and long term.

The first tip for doing what's best for your hair is to know your hair type. Once you that's figured out, you can determine exactly what it needs and what you can ditch. If you're unsure, try not to experiment. Instead, find a stylist you trust and get some advice. In the meantime, take a few cues from three pros on exactly what you should stop doing to your strands immediately.

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