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This New Feature From YouCam Allows You to Ask a Makeup Artist For On-Demand Advice

"Think Uber, but for [fill in the blank]" has become such a cliché pitch these days that reading the phrase sort of makes me roll my eyes. My inbox is filled with such emails, and I have no problem not reading those messages, even if it keeps me away from that covetable "Inbox Zero" life. So when I come across an "Uber, but for [fill in the blank]" that I'm excited about, I sit up and take notice.

That recently happened with YouCam Makeup's Beauty Advisor tool, which I was able to exclusively test before it officially rolls out on the app. The technology will officially debut at SXSW on March 10, but here's a little heads-up about what's what with this tool.

Perhaps you already have YouCam Makeup, as it's the most downloaded beauty app out there. If you don't, prepare to lose hours on this app, which lets you "try on" makeup via virtual reality technology. This isn't another cheesy Snapchat filter, though; the makeup looks super realistic, and you can even test out specific brands and products so you know what something will look like before you buy it. And now YouCam Makeup has upped its game by adding on-demand MUAs who you can video-chat with should you have any burning beauty questions.


I'm sure we all have that one friend we go to for makeup help (perhaps you are that friend!). It's so much better getting ready with a friend, and that's basically the purpose behind this feature. I tested it out myself last week right before a date, during which I wanted to wear a strong cat eye.

Now, my hand's natural state is shaking so hard you'd believe I just downed four espresso shots, so I rarely attempt this look myself. I save it for a pro or more talented buddy. But my on-demand beauty adviser talked me though the application seamlessly and even recommended a few products to really get my look on point.

According to brand reps I chatted with, the beauty advisers are hand-picked by YouCam Makeup's staff. They are often sourced from branded makeup counters, so they may have a certain expertise with one specific line of makeup. Each one will use the app's augmented reality to show you what your preferred makeup style will look like, and you'll be equipped with a handy list of products used and shopping links so you can go add those puppies to your cart. You can try this for yourself when it becomes available by the end of this month, but be warned: it's addictive.

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