Anne Hathaway's "Alien" French Manicure Is Completely See-Through

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Anne Hathaway's nails are out of this world. At the Versace fall 2023 fashion show on March 9, the actor put an extraterrestrial spin on the fan favorite french manicure: in a close-up on Instagram, celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik revealed that Hathaway's nails featured completely transparent tips. "Nailien," he joked, describing the mani as "Alien Nail Couture." Hathaway's clear nails complemented her futuristic outfit, which included a black minidress and angular sunglasses.

To achieve the otherworldly look, Bachik used medium-length stiletto nail tips from Aprés Nail. For the french manicure effect, he painted only the nail beds with a pearlescent polish, leaving the very tops of the translucent nails bare. The end result was simple enough to keep the attention on Hathaway's outfit, with just enough sparkle to make you do a double take.

Bachik is the man behind plenty of our favorite nail trends, coining minimalist "supermodel nails" with Margot Robbie at the 93rd Annual Academy Awards. He's also done many a "milk-bath nail," worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Nicola Peltz Beckham. More recently, he helped "rich girl nails" take over the SAG Awards, and painted a full floral set for Selena Gomez.

Could "alien nails" be the next big manicure to sweep the red carpet? Take a closer look ahead, and shop the Aprés Nail tips to give it a try yourself.