Arizona Green Tea-Inspired Makeup Is a Thing, and We Are Thirsting For It

Before 7-Eleven sold makeup, it was our go-to for cheap culinary delights such as taquitos, Slim Jims, and — perhaps most ubiquitously — Arizona Iced Tea. The 99 cent beverage — America's favorite, if you believe Arizona's website — is beloved far and wide for its taste and thriftiness. So beloved, in fact, that one makeup enthusiast just dedicated an eye shadow look to the tea. And you know what? We're actually really into it. You could say that we're thirsting for such a style (sorry, had to).

Reddit user clore0x took to the site to show off her shadow, a mint-and-crimson look that resembles the brand's iconic cherry blossom packaging. You'd probably never guess that such a sophisticated look would be inspired by a soft drink.

But it is, and we are applauding clore0x's dedication to living her most hydrated life. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to hit up our local 7-Eleven for some ice-cold lemon refreshment.