Ashley Graham and Kristen Bell Have Completely Different Hair-Removal Habits Right Now

The last few months have been nothing but irregular, which is why it comes as no surprise that many of the beauty routines we're so used to have since evolved. If you've started washing your hair less or changed your hair-removal routine altogether, for instance, you're not alone. Not only can our editors relate, but so can Ashley Graham and Kristen Bell.

During an interview with Elle for the magazine's August digital issue, Graham and Bell chatted about their beauty routines during this stay-home period — especially when it comes to shaving. Graham — who became a new mom right before social distancing began — has given up shaving altogether.

"I haven't shaved my legs, my bikini line, or my armpits since my third trimester, and I don't care," Graham told Bell. She also joked that she's been forgetting to brush her teeth in the morning, which earns her some teasing from her husband, Justin Ervin.

Getty | Jim Spellman

Bell, on the other hand, has taken on a polar-opposite approach to hair removal. "In my normal life, I rarely shave my legs," she said. "Ironically, I think I've shaved my legs more during this quarantine than I have in my entire adult experience, simply because I have the time. When I get into the shower, it doesn't have to be 90 seconds. I have time to actually shave. It's kind of exciting, and it's fun to do at-home beauty stuff."

Whether you're Graham or Bell in this situation, there's no shame in the stay-home beauty game.