5 Indie Beauty Founders Share Their Biggest Piece of Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting your own company is a bold, life-changing move. Building a business from scratch takes a unique vision, courage, and more hard work than many people could even imagine. Entrepreneurship comes with many obstacles, and those obstacles are even greater for Black-owned business founders.

In truth, there still aren't enough Black-owned, women-led businesses out there due to systemic issues like inequity and a lack of support, and representation in the beauty industry is even more scarce — but that's finally starting to change. The market for indie beauty brands is thriving and so many Black-owned businesses are shining.

Ahead, we're spotlighting five über-sucessful beauty business owners, and asked them to share their biggest piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lakeisha Dale, Aesthetician and Owner of MelaSkin Studio

"If you're going to pursue entrepreneurship, get comfortable with the uncomfortableness of what it takes to be bold in your industry, and whatever you want to do, go after it. It's scary, but if it scares you, it means that it's just worth it. Nothing will change unless you do the work. Just do it." — Lakeisha Dale, aesthetician and founder of MelaSkin Studio

Lauren Napier, Makeup Artist and Founder of Lauren Napier Beauty

"Balance is key. Starting a company is the easy part, growing a brand is more challenging. When you're self-funded, you're probably wearing many hats. Organization, diligence, and passion is the requirement but you also need rest and time to balance the highs and lows that accompany entrepreneurship." — Lauren Napier, makeup artist, founder of Lauren Napier Beauty, and co-founder of Consider Something Better

Desiree Verdejo, Founder of Hyper Skin

"The most valuable thing that you can develop is your network. From the time that I started developing Hyper Skin through today, I have reached out to founder friends to discuss formulation, colleagues in marketing to discuss digital marketing strategy, and to editors in my circle to gain insights on PR and content creation. Many of us are working alone or on small teams so it is so important to build a community for advice and to bounce ideas off of. It would be incredibly short-sighted to look at fellow founders in our own arenas as competition when we are better served to view them as unique resources." — Desiree Verdejo, founder of Hyper Skin

Lisa Logan, Celebrity Nail Artist, Owner of The Nail Suite by Lisa Logan, and The Body Suite Harlem

"During my 25 years of owning a salon and being a freelance and celebrity nail person, nails have sustained me. But because of the pandemic, I wasn't allowed to do it. Having a backup plan to the backup plan is so important. There will always be people who say, "Your a jack of all trades, but a master to none," but listen, at least if one of your trades doesn't work, you have the ability to do something else." — Lisa Logan, celebrity nail artist, owner of The Nail Suite by Lisa Logan, and founder of The Body Suite Harlem

Alisia Ford, Founder of Glory

"A strong brand is key in every industry, but especially in beauty. Focus on building your brand with an authentic voice and vision. Even in a crowded industry authenticity always stands out. Start small with what you have and don't be afraid to ask for help from peers and mentors. You are in business for yourself but it doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Surround yourself with people who support your vision and want to see you win." — Alisia Ford, founder of Glory