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"Baby Boomer" Nails Are a Classic Trend

"Baby Boomer" Nails Are Trending Again

"Baby Boomer" Nails Are a Classic Trend
Image Source: Courtesy of Jessica Harrington

There's nothing we love more than a cool beauty trend with an even cooler name. Think Hailey Bieber's viral "glazed doughnut" nails or the equally trendy "lip gloss" nails. Another example: "baby boomer" nails โ€” but this one isn't exactly new. You've probably spotted this manicure style at the salon or hunting for inspiration on Instagram, or you might've even gotten it yourself without realizing it.

Much like french manicures, baby-boomer nails are a classic, but they were put on the back burner for a few years. Now, however, they're experiencing newfound interest. The reason? Minimal nail trends are supreme right now. Below, we break down where this chic manicure style got its name and offer inspiration for your own baby-boomer nails.

What Are Baby Boomer Nails?

The trend got its name from its 1940s origins, according to nail artist Jade Tang in a story for Refinery29. Due to its popularity among the baby-boomer generation, the name stuck and it has been referred to as such ever since.

The trend itself is all about the coloring. "The baby-boomer name comes from the gradient look of the pink to white, versus a classic curved smile line," celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec, who works with stars like Jessica Chastain, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Emily Blunt, tells POPSUGAR. This fade creates a subtle ombrรฉ effect. Baby-boomer manicures have been around for years but are often mistaken for ombrรฉ tips. In reality, they're a manicure style all their own.

Kandalec explains they're a cross between a traditional french tip and your standard single-color polish manicure. Because of how minimal the nail look is, it's great for all occasions, from everyday wear to wedding nails. You can also use baby-boomer nails as a base for other nail-art trends. Just imagine how great it'd look with a dusting of chrome powder over top or 3D accents.

Ahead, get inspiration for baby-boomer nails to bring with you to the salon.

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