The Bandana Nail Art Trend Is Gaining So Much Steam, Even Kylie Jenner Wants In

Is it just us, or has bandana-inspired nail art been popping up all over Instagram these past few days? We first noticed the trend when scrolling past a throwback photo of the paisley design Selena Gomez wore for her first American Vogue cover in back 2017, with her manicurist Tom Bachik referring to it as the "perfect Sunday manicure." More recently, Kylie Jenner — who's long been known for having fun with her manicures — shared a nail-fie of her own in which she's seen wearing the style in a brown color.

We have a strong feeling that bandana nails are only going to take off from here and would make a fitting nail art trend to take over this spring. Before you jump on the phone with your nail tech to try it out for yourself, check out some of our favorite takes on bandana nail art ahead.