Basma's Foundation Stick Delivered My Perfect Match and Texture in Just a Few Swipes

Woman holding the Basma Foundation Stick which is on her complexion as well.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
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If there's one thing TikTok is great for, it's another viral beauty product recommendation, and Basma's The Foundation Stick ($40) caught my attention for several reasons. First off, who can resist that Barbiecore-pink packaging!? But seriously, this foundation stick has been on my For You page for several weeks now, all because of how good a match it is for people of varying skin tones and, specifically, undertones. I've seen countless videos in which people find their perfect shade match with this foundation, and they detail how it's able to cover up everything from dark spots to acne scars and everything in between. But what truly caught my attention was learning more about the brand founder's story and why she created this product.

Basma Hameed created the beauty brand she needed when she was younger. Having survived third-degree burns, Hameed turned to makeup to help conceal the scars on her face, but felt disappointed in the lack of shade ranges as well as textures that didn't feel overly cakey. She developed this foundation stick to be a versatile staple in everyone's makeup routine, whether you want light coverage or something flawless and full. After seeing it in action on my socials, I had to try it for myself.

About Basma's The Foundation Stick

  • Basma's The Foundation Stick is a buildable full-coverage foundation with a lightweight feel, best for normal-to-dry or combination skin types.
  • It's nondrying with a natural, skin-like finish.
  • The foundation is available in 40 shades.
  • It's sulfate-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

What I Like About Basma's The Foundation Stick

POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

Basma's Foundation Stick lives up to all of its TikTok hype, from the creamy texture to the precise color match. Usually, when I try a foundation out, I tend to settle for something that is close enough, especially when it comes to matching my undertones. Although I range from a tan to a medium-tan hue, my undertone is more on the neutral or olive side (rather than warm), which makes it a bit more difficult to truly find my perfect match. When I first got my hands on this foundation and swatched it, I was actually shocked by how much this looked like my skin. Even when I blended it out, the foundation seamlessly melted into my skin and became one with my complexion. I'm a shade 14, tan skin with neutral undertones. The foundation has a medium-to-full buildable coverage that evened out my skin tone with just a few swipes. I was able to easily cover up dark spots and hyperpigmentation by concentrating on those areas and adding on another layer if needed.

Basma's The Foundation Stick.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

This stick foundation feels incredibly lightweight on my skin, and it glides on like butter. Given that it's full-coverage, I expected it to feel cakey, but it truly feels like nothing is on my skin. It doesn't feel excessively dry or oily either; my skin feels hydrated and flexible, thanks to the formula's aloe vera extract, vitamin E, and apricot butter. Once it's blended out, it sets into a natural, skin-like finish that adds a tiny bit of glow without looking dewy. The finish is truly what sets this apart from other stick or cream formulations. It looks and feels like I just used moisturizer, but with a more even-toned complexion. The foundation moves with my face and doesn't settle into lines and creases when I talk or smile, making it a long-wearing must.

How to Use Basma's The Foundation Stick

First and foremost, make sure your skin is prepped for foundation, whether you do so with a hydrating moisturizer or something like skin-blurring primer. Then, you can glide the stick foundation all over your face. Because it has a buildable coverage, you can start off with a little bit and apply more if needed. I have a good amount of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and I like to apply the foundation right on top of those areas and then blend it out, so that I get the most coverage where I need it. The brand says you can blend it out with your fingers, a foundation brush, or a damp beauty sponge, but I prefer using a foundation brush for easy and concentrated control. To finish off, you can set it with a powder or setting spray and continue on with your makeup routine.

What to Consider Before Trying Basma's The Foundation Stick

Due to its natural finish with a slight glow and its hydrating formula, this is great for those whose skin leans more normal to dry, or combination. However, if you do have oily skin and want to give this a shot, be sure to prep your skin with the right moisturizers and primers for your skin type. I also recommend using a setting powder if you want a more matte finish. As someone with hyperpigmentation, I have to color correct underneath for a more flawless, even-toned coverage that isn't gray or ashy-looking. I also have to spot conceal on more stubborn areas, but I have been able to use this foundation stick as a concealer as well.

The Foundation Stick has gone viral for its impressive shade range and how well it matches a variety of undertones. Both the brand's site and Sephora have shade-matching tools you can use to find your perfect match. If you go a few shades lighter or darker, you can also use this as a cream contour or highlighting product.

Where Is Basma's The Foundation Stick Available?

Basma's The Foundation Stick is available at Sephora.