The Bat-Winged Eyeliner Trend That's All Over TikTok Is So Clever

We know what you're thinking: "Bat" winged eyeliner, isn't that Halloween-related? But this makeup trend so versatile, you could wear it year-round. Without even realizing it, you've probably spotted "bat" winged eye makeup while scrolling through Instagram or in one of your favorite beauty vlogger's videos, but the uniquely shaped liner recently went viral on TikTok, and it's pretty easy to see why.

Although it looks great on everyone, "bat" winged eyeliner is especially perfect for someone with hooded eyes, which is where the brow bone sits slightly lower and there's a deeper crease in the eyelid that causes most, if not all, of the lid to disappear when the eye is open. "It captures the cat-eye effect that defines the crease shape with the eyelid space available," Naseeha Khan, makeup artist and cofounder of Ctzn Cosmetics, told POPSUGAR.

"When closed, this style comes alive with its unexpected swoop design that really draws you in."

For this makeup technique, you draw the eyeliner in the shape of a bat's wing with a slight bend at the end of it, which is visible when the eye is shut, but the line looks smooth when the eye is open. "When closed, this style comes alive with its unexpected swoop design that really draws you in," said celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli. Kind of like an illusion.

The makeup trend can be done using liquid or pencil eyeliner, with eyeshadow or without, and as a nighttime look or day. Just like a regular winged eyeliner look, it's super versatile and most definitely not something that should be reserved for Halloween.

"The key here is to apply your eyeliner with your eyes open to create the really unique shape that this technique employs," said Scibelli. "I also recommend first sketching out the design with a lighter pencil that is more malleable and easy to glide across your lids before using a darker liner to lock it in." Another tip for getting the shape just right: put a mirror on the table below you. "Then simply just look down as you're applying the liner."

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