25 Batman Villain Nail Looks That Would Make Even the Dark Knight Shiver

The Batman comic books have provided fans with some of the most creative and frightening villains in pop culture, making them the perfect inspiration for your Halloween manicure. Whether you're partial to Harley Quinn's gags or the Riddler's taunting puzzles, the colorful characters ahead lend themselves well to nail art.

Obsessed with Catwoman? File your nails into claws and get out your black nail polish. Can't stop watching Batman Forever? Grab some green and get yourself a Poison Ivy-themed mani.

Ahead, check out a bevy of Halloween nail art inspiration from your favorite Batman villains.

The Joker Nail Art

Try out the neon nail polish trend with a lime green that's as outrageous as the Joker himself.

Add a touch of glamour to your Joker nail art with a sparkling polish and a few rhinestones.

A few comic-book-style speech bubbles are all you need for a retro-looking manicure.

Paint one hand red and the other green and purple for a mismatched manicure that's sure to warrant compliments. A few diamonds and "ha ha" illustrations are all you need to complete it.

Try a stiletto style and dark metallic polishes to make your manicure even scarier.

Harley Quinn Nail Art

Put Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn center stage with this comic-book-style mani.

This portrait of the bad girl herself will be the highlight of your beauty look.

Add motifs from her outfit for a subtle character-inspired manicure.

The stiletto shape of this Harley Quinn-inspired manicure makes it look even spookier.

Love Suicide Squad? This pink-and-blue nail art features Margot Robbie's version of the iconic bad gal.

The Riddler Nail Art

Place the Riddler's iconic question mark all over green and purple polish for an easy themed manicure.

The more vibrant your colors, the more your Riddler-inspired manicure will stand out.

Keep it simple with a green-and-black color palette and a single question mark.

Drawing a portrait of the villain himself is sure to warrant a lot of questions and compliments.

Catwoman Nail Art

Long stiletto nails perfectly complement a feline manicure.

Love Michelle Pfeiffer's version of Catwoman? Be sure to include elements of her black leather stitched-up costume in your manicure.

Even those who aren't artistically inclined could pull off this easy-to-draw nail art.

You can go all out with your manicure by including 3D elements like crystals, a portrait, and different polish finishes.

We're obsessed with this cartoon portrait of Selina Kyle's alter ego.

If you're able to draw a cartoon portrait of Poison Ivy with her famous red hair, you're sure to get a lot of compliments.

Place a few layers of sparkling and holographic green polish over a stiletto-shaped nail manicure for an easy Poison Ivy-inspired manicure.

The mix of different green polishes and textures makes this manicure a standout.

We can't look away from this simple but impressive portrait of the botanist-turned-supervillain.