Bella Thorne Has '90s Nickelodeon Slime-Green Hair, Because of Course She Does

Getty | Daniele Venturelli

Bella Thorne is a busy woman between promoting her book The Life of a Wannabe Mogul and directing a commercial for her cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers, but somehow the actress found time to change up her hair color.

The star posted a series of Boomerangs to her Instagram Story, where she asked her followers to check out her commercial. In the corner of the videos, however, you can spot a brand-new green hue at the ends of her hair. The shade is similar to the slime you'd see get poured on kids on Nickelodeon's Double Dare and Figure It Out in the '90s and that they use on celebrities at the Kids' Choice Awards. The color is so bright and fun, we're hoping to get a closer look at it soon.

Check out Thorne's new green hair color ahead.

Bella Thorne's Green Hair
Instagram | bellathorne

Bella Thorne's Green Hair