Benefit Cosmetics' New Beauty Advent Calendar Is a Makeup-Lover's Dream

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While we know traditional Advent calendars call for gifts starting in December, why should we let a little thing like that hold us back? There are some days (or years) that warrant an extra whenever present, and stocking up on these new calendars early can spread that joy around whenever you feel so inspired.

Since Benefit Cosmetics released its new "Shake Your Beauty" Advent calendar, we're already set to shake up our makeup bags to make room for the bestselling goodies hidden behind each window. With options for eyes, face, and cheeks, these exact 12 little gifts would cost more than two times as much if you decided to DIY the set of minis yourself.

Benefit Cosmetics Shake Your Beauty Advent Calendar

Benefit Cosmetics Shake Your Beauty Advent Calendar

Valued at $139, this Benefit Cosmetics Shake Your Beauty Advent Calendar ($65) packs bestselling mascaras, brow products, and primers, alongside other tempting makeup treats. Whether you spot some favorites here already or not, chances are you'll find something behind one of these windows you've always wanted . . . even if you didn't know that yet.