The "Bermuda Triangle" Piercing Trend Is at the Top of Our Summer Wish Lists

On our never-ending quest to find exciting new piercing trends, we stumbled upon the "Bermuda triangle" piercing that's all over Instagram. Comprised of three separate piercing holes strategically placed in the shape of a triangle on your lobe, the "Bermuda triangle" piercing trend is perfect if you want to dress up your ear without moving up to your cartilage.

You might have already spotted this trend on your Instagram or Pinterest feed without realizing it. That's part of the beauty of it: it's subtle but absolutely stunning. Depending on the positioning of the piercing and the jewelry you put in your ear, you can make it completely your own. Meaning, you can use three of the same studs for a uniform look, combined three different studs that complement each other, or mix it up between studs, hoops, and chains for a truly unique look.

Because it's located on the earlobe, the healing time is typically shorter than that of a cartilage piercing, which "tend to be more sensitive and tender than lobe piercings, requiring extra care during the healing process," Louisa Schneider, CEO and founder of Rowan, previously told POPSUGAR. There is one drawback and it all comes down to your ear shape and size. You need enough room for the three tiny piercings to sit closely together but not too close, which makes this a challenging design for anyone with small ears or earlobes. If you're uncertain if you can fit it, just ask a professional piercer for their opinion.

To get inspired for your own "Bermuda triangle" piercing, check out some of our favorite designs from Instagram ahead.