11 Black Manicurists Who'll Fill Your Feed With the Most Stunning Nail Art Imaginable

Nail artists don't get enough appreciation in my opinion. Every season, we practically lose it over the creative and intricate designs that show up on award show red carpets and our social media feeds, but sometimes we forget about all the talented manicurists behind them. There are plenty of nail pros on social media that are more than deserving of our attention, and that especially goes for the Black women who often set these nail-art trends.

There's never a wrong time to share some nail inspiration, and in case you're looking for even more stunning designs to add to your feed, read ahead to check out some of our favorite Black manicurists who should all be on your radar.

Gina Edwards

Gina Edwards is a celebrity nail artist and brand ambassador for KISS, and her feed is filled with tons of eye-popping looks featuring everything from colorful, dotted patterns to animal prints.

Instagram: @ginaedwards_

Lisa Logan

The better question here is why would you not want to follow Beyoncé's manicurist? Outside of working with Queen B, Lisa Logan is also the owner of a New York City-based salon called The Nail Suite.

Instagram: @lisa_logan

Mimi Wilson

You can find Mimi Wilson's work in editorials and brand campaigns, and she's worked with stars like Ciara, Skai Jackson, and Tess Holliday. Her Instagram feed is proof that she can nail a unique geometric pattern just as easily as she can wow with a simple, one-shade manicure.

Instagram: nailsbymimi

Gracie J

The fact that Gracie J's work has been featured on Claws should tell you everything you need to know about what you can expect from her Instagram, but just in case it doesn't, many of her looks feature artsy, geometric designs that are out-of-this-world impressive — and you can even purchase some through her online shop.

Instagram: @theeditorialnail

Lanni Jade

Based out of Cleveland, OH, Lanni Jade is a nail artist and creator of Press'd, an online shop where customers outside of where she operates can purchase custom-made press-ons in a variety of stunning designs.

Instagram: @nailsbylanni

Lavette Cephus

Lavette Cephus is a nail artist operating out of Beautè Asylum Salon in Toledo, OH. Many of her looks feature graphic designs, though she also has a running series titled "Nail Attire" on her page, in which she models her manicures after the outfits she wears.

Instagram: @beaute_asylum

Teyana Taylor

The K.T.S.E singer isn't a nail artist herself, but she is the owner of a New York City-based nail salon called Junie Bee Nails, which she named after her daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr., who she nicknamed Junie.

Instagram: @juniebeenails

Joy Terrell

Joy Terrell is the owner of Powder Beauty, a nail salon based in Los Angeles, and you can find plenty of drool-worthy design ideas on her feed.

Instagram: @powderbeauty

Timia Knox

Timia Knox specializes in long, acrylic sets in colorful designs, so be sure to check her out any time you need inspiration for intricate nail art and modern takes on the French manicure.

Instagram: @nailsbytimia

Nettie Davis

Nettie Davis has worked on celebs like Busy Philipps, Storm Reid, and Olivia Wilde, but when she's not serving as a manicurist to the stars, she's sharing some of the most mesmerizing nail art tutorials on her Instagram feed and teaching her followers how to custom make their own colors.

Instagram: @nettienailsit

Shani Evans

Plenty of Shani Evans's work has been featured in editorials, though she's also created looks for talent like Salem Mitchell and the Haim sisters.

Instagram: @nailsbyshani