This $38 Safety Razor Made My First Semi-Social Weekend a True Success

POPSUGAR Photography | Samantha Sasso
POPSUGAR Photography | Samantha Sasso
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Hello, my name is Samantha and I've forgotten what a social life looked like and, even more so, how to get ready for one. It wasn't until a couple of friends I hadn't seen since 2020 got vaccinated and wanted to take advantage of the first true warm day in New York with an outdoor brunch that I realized this about myself. Then, almost all at once, a chain reaction of panic began. It started when I took a look inside my closet and couldn't find one summer-appropriate outfit and trickled down directly into my beauty routine. I realized that not only was I in dire need of some shorts, but more importantly, a new razor. Enter Hanni.

Over the last year, I've become what most might call a lazy shaver. These days, I only really ever commit to a full-body shave if I remember, but these recent plans encouraged me to recall my old self: the person who felt confident when she spent her entire summer smoother than a baby seal. Yes, once upon a time, I shaved everything from my neck down for no other reason than it making me feel like my best self. But, sadly, the razor I've been using for the last year just won't cut it for summer, which is exactly how I found Hanni ($38), a new weighted razor that might just put all of my others to shame.

POPSUGAR Photography | Samantha Sasso

Hanni isn't the first single-blade razor I've ever used. In fact, I was put on by another editor last year to the Oui the People safety razor at the start of quarantine. I quickly learned that a dull plastic razor would never cut it again. Not only did it save me a lot of money — restocking blades is a lot more affordable than having to repurchase a whole new razor every month — but it gave me some of my best shaves, ever. Unfortunately, it's been suffering from a few rusty stains (I blame my small steamy bathroom), so I opted to try something new.

Let's rewind for a moment: what exactly is a safety razor? A safety razor is a razor that uses a single blade, double-edged design — one that's actually been around since the late 1800s. It wasn't until the last few years that the inventive tool went mainstream. If you've heard of them recently it's because they're often praised for their sustainable approach; you can get several shaves out of each blade and practically never have to replace the razor itself. The other highlight: no ingrown hairs or razor burn. Safety razors may not look very safe (really, most of them are made out of sharp metal), but they are experts at bluntly cutting hair without dragging. No dragging = no irritation. While Hanni offers up all of these benefits, there are so some added qualities I've yet to find in other safety razors — and I'm not just talking about it's uniquely affordable price tag.

POPSUGAR Photography | Samantha Sasso

Other people would say that Hanni is special because it's expertly weighted so you don't have to apply a ton of pressure to shave or that it can be used outside of the shower (see: the brand's Shave Pillow, a waterless shaving balm), but the biggest perk for me revolves around its unique functionality that rids me of my biggest problem with other razors: blade replacement.

To replace an old blade, all you have to do is twist the bottom of the razor's shaft. This opens up the head so you can literally toss away the used blade without even touching it. My other favorite feature? The razor's stand, which really looks like it belongs in the Glossier showroom. This tiny waterfall design allows the razor to stand upright in between shaves, so no moisture is left behind. No moisture means no rust, and that's all I really need in my book. Oh, and shorts — I still need shorts.