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Betsey Johnson Makeup Collection Launches at Walmart

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / Luv Betsey by Betsey Johnson

We've partnered with Luv Betsey by Betsey Johnson to share the new and affordable launches from this Walmart-exclusive collection.

Yes, us beauty enthusiasts are willing to spend a lot of money to craft the perfect beauty routine. On average, we can expect to spend about $225,000 in our entire lifetime on everything from makeup to skin care to fragrance, but that doesn't mean we aren't savvy about what we're buying and the deals we're getting. In fact, the effectiveness of a product is rarely dependent on its price. Often you'll find a $7 lipstick and cherish it for a lifetime (OK, not a whole lifetime, but you get the point).

This save vs. splurge ethos is exactly what got us so excited about Luv Betsey by Betsey Johnson, a Walmart-exclusive makeup collection that launched this month. Not only is it affordable (everything is $10) and bursting with fun and pigmented color, but it completely embodies the long-standing whimsical and embellished aesthetic Johnson famously established during the '60s. In other words, it checks all of our boxes. The only thing left to do is shop.