Bread Beauty Supply's New Macadamia Oil is Helping My Skin Recover from Winter

POPSUGAR Photography | Rachael Edwards
POPSUGAR Photography | Rachael Edwards
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Investing in skin care has become a life hobby. If it isn't vitamin C serums or butt masks, I'm always on the prowl for moisturizing products to give my skin some TLC — especially on the coattails of winter, when I'm most prone dryness and bouts of eczema on my calves, arms, and back of thighs. I am certain I've gone through my entire kitchen, rummaging for the perfect oils — from olive to coconut to avocado — to saturate myself with. That's why I was interested in putting a new ingredient to the test: the Bread Beauty Supply's Macadamia Oil ($28).

While I will always opt for a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie over chocolate chip any day, I had no knowledge of the nut's beauty benefits or considered using it's cold-pressed form for my hair and skin. Bread's Macadamia-Oil is 100 percent concentrate and fragrance free, packed with fatty acids that promise to coat you in a silky, pillow-soft lay. Plus, the multi-purpose liquid contains plant-derived squalene, an organic compound utilized to mimic your skin's natural oils. I have used lip products with squalene and have liked the results, so I was eager to use it all over my body.

Initially, I was a little taken back by how small the bottle is, especially in comparison to its signature Everyday Gloss Hair Oil, which is more than double the size. Don't get me wrong: the packaging is super cute and an item I can travel with, but since it's a product for both your hair and skin, I was expecting more.

What I did love was how lightweight the oil felt on skin; it was fluffy in texture and barely noticeable in terms of touch. This gave me the confidence that it wouldn't seep into my clothing and stain it (and I was right). It also worked harmoniously with my other moisturizing products. I started with my neck, swiping it on in upward motions around my collar bones and the back of my shoulders where it tends to be dry on the upper half of my body. Then I smoothed it on my calves and the back of my thighs where my skin gets irritated. The oil absorbed so quickly, leaving a subtle sheen and radiance.

I continued this routine for about a week and noticed a glow at the baseline of my neck, collarbones, and shoulders the most. My skin on this part of my body felt more supple, and I also noticed reduction in the red, patches along my calves. They were not so raised and irritated, and kept me from scratching during the night. I am certainly interested in using more to see if any scars or dark spots fade in time.

For my hair, I am an avid advocate for mixing oils in with your deep conditioners or adding it to creamy leave-ins. With my kinkier and thick texture, there is no such thing as too much moisture. I added in four drops of the Macadamia Oil to my routine leave-in mixture right after shampooing, conditioning, and rinsing. I love using leave-ins while still in the shower so the humidity allows my hair to soak up all the moisture. I felt the supple, softer texture of my hair, especially around my edges, almost immediately. This is certainly an oil I would use with protective styles as well because it is not heavy and actually absorbs into the scalp and roots of the hair strands.

The package mentions that it is fragrance free, and that is true, but it was not unscented (there is a difference between the two terms). On initial application, I noticed a light scent that reminded me of the quaint, buttery sweetness of the nut. It is quite pleasant, but fades over a short span of time so it's safe to use heavier scents or perfumes if you so desire.

Being a big fan of the brand's Everyday Gloss, it's safe to say the Bread Beauty Supply Macadamia-Oil ($28) is another oil worth considering for your skin or hair routine, especially if you are prone to dry skin and hair during weather changes or in general. While I'll be hoping for a larger bottle size, I see myself restocking this oil very soon.