See Cardi B Give Offset a Tattoo For Valentine's Day

Some people trust their partners to cut their hair at home. Others take a more . . . permanent approach to romance with matching tattoos. During the latest episode of "Cardi Tries" on Watch Together via Messenger, Cardi B and her husband, Offset, celebrated Valentine's Day a few days early with the help of celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado.

The couple, both known for their extensive ink collections, got matching tattoos to commemorate their wedding anniversary: Sept. 20, 2017. The catch? They were the ones in control of the tattoo guns.

"I need to go deep in your bloodstream so I can be in your soul."

"Hell no, you're not tatting me, bro," Offset told Cardi B as they practiced on silicone arms. When it came time to ink Offset's skin, Cardi said, "I need to go deep in your bloodstream so I can be in your soul." To avoid any major mistakes, Hurtado, who has worked with celebrities like Drake, Dwayne Johnson, and more, guided the couple through the process of giving a tattoo, at times recommending more pressure and sharing tips on how to make the lines look cleaner.

As they demonstrated their skills with the tattoo gun, the pair also shared the stories behind their first tattoos, including Cardi B's peacock, Linda. "When I went to college, I got my financial aid check and I was supposed to buy all the books with it," Cardi B told Hurtado. "Instead of buying the books, I took those $1,000+ and I got my big peacock tattoo. That was like the biggest purchase I've ever made. But is this kind of weird to say? I feel like my tattoo is my best friend. I feel like I have a connection with her."

Even if Cardi B did have a few "oops" moments, Hurtado assured her she was doing a great job, and Offset followed through with an equally shaky but sweet tattoo. "It looks cute. I love it," she said. "This tattoo, to us, it means love. And I really like that we have a story behind it. It's special."

Check out the full "Cardi Tries" episode on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Watch, and see an exclusive clip of Cardi B testing her tattooing skills on Offset here.