Catherine O'Hara Channeled Moira Rose While Thanking Her Beauty Team at the Emmys

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Catherine O'Hara has a whole team of people to thank for that stunning collection of wigs she's known for wearing on Schitt's Creek, and she made sure to give them a shout-out on Sunday night at the Emmys. The actress took home the award for lead actress in a comedy series, and while accepting the honor, she took a page from her character's handbook and peppered a series of SAT words into her speech to thank the show's hair and makeup team.

"I must pay an especially gaudiloquent tribute to Debra Hanson, our wardrobe whisperer; to my guardian makeup angel, Lucky Bromhead; and to our dare-doing hair wrangler, Ana Sorys," she said. "Every day, their munificent venistation made me who I thought I was, and I would be an ungrateful doddypoll not to share it with them."

There are plenty of reasons to love O'Hara's character, and aside from her overall demeanor, her over-the-top sense of style and ever-changing hairstyles are what set her apart from so many other characters on television, so we can see why she's so grateful to her hair and makeup team. Watch O'Hara's full speech in the video above.