Instagram’s Biggest Influencer Chiara Ferragni Just Got the Most Inspiring Hand Tattoo

Need some ink-spiration? Look no further than Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni, whose latest hand tattoo is so sweet, we might just have to swing by a tattoo parlor. On Friday, Ferragni's tattoo artist JonBoy shared a photo of her fresh ink on Instagram, and something tells us they might have started a new trend.

The design is located directly underneath the tattoo of what looks like a smiling empanada on her left hand, joined by several other small tattoos going up her arm. Her hand now reads, "La Chiara Che Vorrei" in Italian, or "The Chiara I Want" in English — yep, a tattoo of her own name. It seems like the words are meant to be a motivational reminder to Ferragni to be the best version of herself, the Chiara she wants to be, which is definitely a message we can get behind. Take a closer look at Ferragni's new tattoo ahead.