North and Chicago West Do Each Other's Edges in an Adorable TikTok Video

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In other, extremely adorable news, North West and her sister, Chicago, recently spent some quality time together styling each other's hair, and the corresponding TikTok video will make your heart melt.

At the start of the video, North asked Chicago what they were doing, and she replied, "I'm gonna do your edges." After confirming that she would return the favor, North started explaining the proper order of the styling products.

"This one goes first and this one goes second, OK?" she asked Chicago, pointing to her go-to edge-control products: the Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue ($5) and Eco Style Professional Olive Styling Gel ($4). Once their edge brush (the Baby Tress Edge Styler ($19)) was located, the duo got to work.

North made sure to give her sister some encouraging words as she brushed her edges into place, and when it came her time to return the favor, she admired her handiwork, muttering: "This looks so good, Chi." Once they were both finished perfecting each other's baby hairs, they took a look into the camera, and Chicago immediately exclaimed how much she loved the style. One additional layer of the styling gel later, the pair were ready to take on the day.

Hair, particularly in the Black community, can serve as a way to forge communal bonds, and the West sisters are a prime example of that. Take a closer look at the sweet video below.