Complete Your Disney Villain Costume With These On-Point Nail Art Ideas

Let's be clear: no detail is too small when it comes to winning a Halloween costume contest, so don't neglect your manicure when dressing as your favorite Disney villain this year. Whether you opt to go as a murderous fashion-lover, a sea witch, or another evil character, there's a ton of nail art inspiration available on Instagram to finish off your Halloween beauty look.

On this list, you'll find everything from Dalmatian-printed accent nails to poison-apple-printed manicures that are sure to make your costume even more seasonally appropriate. Ahead, prepare to add the perfect final touch to your costume.

Cruella de Vil Nail Art

Leave it to Cruella to be chic and on-trend. You'll want to wear your red, black, and Dalmatian-print manicure long after Halloween is over given how trendy the pattern is. To really drive home the evil theme, add some paw prints to your mani to remind everyone where you got that Dalmatian-print coat.

Ursula Nail Art

Take out your purple polish for the under-the-sea witch, Ursula. Her seashell necklace and tentacles make for an eerie, deep-ocean-inspired manicure that will remind partygoers with less impressive costumes that they're poor, unfortunate souls.

Maleficent Nail Art

The combination of lime green and vibrant purple nail polish is already enough for a spooky Halloween-appropriate manicure, but the additions of thorns and flames make Maleficent nail art look even more unnerving. Filing your nails into a stiletto shape will make your manicure claw-like.

Evil Queen Nail Art

Going as the original Disney bad girl this year? The Evil Queen's poison apple is an identifiable nail art motif with its skull-like dripping face. Even those who aren't Disney megafans will agree your manicure is horrifying. For the artistically talented, you can even paint portraits of the Evil Queen disguised as an old woman on your nails.