Doja Cat's "Water-Droplet" Nails Are So Hot, They're Dripping

Doja Cat likely already has a designated spot on your beauty-inspiration board, but if she doesn't, that's about to change. Textured nails are having a moment this season, and of course, the rapper is getting in on the fun with her own twist on the trend.

The manicure was created by nail artist to the stars, Saccia Livingston, who was also behind Doja Cat's incredible Met Gala "claw" french tips. For her latest set, the star's nails were cut and filed into a long, tapered, square shape. Then, the base of the nails was painted a neutral shade and the tips were painted white. However, instead of a traditional french design, the divider between the two colors was completely blurred, creating an ombré effect. Last but certainly not least, the nails were topped with 3D water droplets, making the entire manicure look wet. Judging by the second hand in the picture, her friend was also a fan of look and had it recreated sans extensions.

Textured 3D nails have experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent months with finishes like crocodile skin and blobs being particularly in demand. Celebrities like Dove Cameron and Rowan Blanchard have worn their own versions of the look, and new ways to get in on the trend continue to pop up on a daily basis. If you're itching to try it for yourself, there's no shortage of inspiration to look at.

Take a closer look at Doja Cat's nails below.