Bravo, Dove, For Making Everyone Who's Changed Their Hair at Home Feel Seen

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Dove's new campaign is here to remind everyone who has a pair of scissors in their hands that they are not alone. Whether you've given yourself a fresh set of bangs, decided to dye your roots hot pink, or made any other major change to your hair during this time, Dove's got you covered. After releasing its "Courage Is Beautiful" ad last month, which featured emotional photos of healthcare workers fighting the pandemic, its latest campaign features real people who are doing their part by staying home and also making some awesome changes to their hair.

"We've always supported all women to wear their hair their own way. Though times (and your hair) are a little different, we will always take the deepest care of your hair," the company wrote alongside the video, titled "All New Hairstyles."

Throughout the 50-second ad, you can see people celebrating their new bangs, major haircuts, fresh hair colors, and so much more from the comfort of their own homes. During a time when it's unknown when salons will reopen, people are taking matters into their own hands, and the results are beautiful. Watch the uplifting new ad from Dove above, then check out our guide to every single beauty treatment you can do at home.