Dua Lipa's "Glazed-Doughnut" Nails Complement Her Tiny Sequin Bikini

If Dua Lipa's latest manicure is any indication, "glazed-doughnut" nails aren't going anywhere any time soon. The singer recently shared a photo on Instagram where she can be seen wearing a tiny turquoise sequined bikini while laying in what looks to be a tree over the ocean. Lipa holds a book in her hands, and her perfectly manicured fingers show off almond-shaped nails in a milky shade with a sheer chrome finish.

The "glazed-doughnut" trend, which features shiny nails meant to look like the glazed topping of a doughnut, gained mass popularity last year after Hailey Bieber was seen continuously wearing the look. Shortly after, her manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt revealed exactly how she achieved Bieber's look using chrome powder, and then it was off to the races. The design is a favorite among celebrities like Simone Biles, Jennifer Lopez, and Sabrina Carpenter.

Since its initial introduction, there have been many different iterations of the trend, like "chocolate glazed-doughnut" nails, "strawberry glazed-doughnut" nails, and even "glazed-doughnut" french manicures. The look is typically achieved by applying a layer of chrome powder over a sheer or opaque base polish.

Lipa opted for a traditional take on the trend, which is perfect for any occasion, from a tropical vacation to a red carpet event. Take a closer look at her manicure ahead.