Dua Lipa's Holiday Manicure Is So Unique, There's Not a Christmas Tree in Sight

Dua Lipa is like that cool cousin who shows up to the family holiday celebrations and leaves every relative's jaw on the floor with her chic style and impressive presents. The only proof we need to know that's a valid assumption? A simple glance at her holiday nail art. The 25-year-old superstar hit up celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri for a fabulous manicure ahead of the holidays, and it's so unique, there's not a Christmas tree or Santa hat in sight. We shouldn't expect anything less from Lipa, who's constantly expressing herself through over-the-top fashion choices and original nail designs, but it's pretty damn cool.

Lipa chose a different design for each finger with the sacred heart, roses, an angel, and a woman in a pink robe. Although Lipa later sported a different manicure for her performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, this holiday design is serious inspiration for our next manicure. Check out Lipa's design from Kawajiri below.