Ella Mai Adds 3 New Tiny Tattoos to Her Collection

Ella Mai is adding to her tattoo collection. On Nov. 2, the singer paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy to get some new pieces of art on her neck, ankle, and elbow.

Each tattoo was in a delicate, fine-line style in all-black ink. On her neck, the words "icyline" and "percival" were stacked on top of each other. The tattoo on her ankle read "ninety four" — a nod to the year she was born. The last design on her elbow says "heart on my sleeve."

Though these aren't Mai's first tattoos — in fact, she has an impressive lion-themed arm sleeve, amongst others — tiny tattoos make a fantastic first foray into the world of body art. Not only does the style typically use a single needle or a really thin grouping of needles and therefore, is reportedly less painful than traditional tattoos, but they are also easy to disguise if you want to keep your tattoos hidden.

Whether you're thinking of getting your first piece or just want to add a new dainty design to your catalog, take a closer look at Mai's tattoos and learn their meanings, below.

Ella Mai’s "Icyline" and "Percival" Neck Tattoos

One of Mai's new tattoos included the words "Icyline" and "Percival" on the back of her neck. While the meaning behind the design is unclear, some are speculating that they could be names of her relatives.

Ella Mai’s "Ninety Four" Ankle Tattoo

Another addition to the collection is Mai's "ninety four" ankle tattoo. The design is presumed to be a nod to her birth year: 1994.

Ella Mai’s "Heart on My Sleeve" Arm Tattoo

Mai etched the phrase "heart on my sleeve" on her upper arm. Though she didn't share the meaning for this design, the phrase is often though to indicate a person's willingness to be vulnerable.