What to Know About the "Euphoria" Makeup Artist's New Beauty Brand

Half Magic
Half Magic

Just before the second season of "Euphoria" premiered, TikTok fans flooded For You Pages with videos of themselves "getting ready" to reenter "Euphoria" High. This, of course, included mood lighting, a Labrinth beat, and glitter shadow expertly placed underneath the eye. Although it was never the show's intention to have such a stronghold on Gen Z and millennial fans alike, the fact remains that the phrase "'Euphoria' makeup" is officially stamped on the culture — and that is exactly why the makeup department head, Doniella Davy, is launching her very own brand.

World, meet Half Magic.

According to Davy, Half Magic has been in the works for years. Yes, while we twiddled our thumbs at home waiting for those bonus episodes to drop, "Euphoria" makeup in its truest form was being brought to life by Davy, the show's creators, and A24 (the show's production company). But why, after all this time? Almost immediately upon airing, the glittery makeup looks punctuated by glue-on gems entered the zeitgeist, but for Davy and team, a quickie collaboration back in 2019 wouldn't have been enough.

"I've been thinking about dream products that I want to make and have to use on set for years," Davy tells POPSUGAR. "We decided we wanted to build something that was so particular and creatively from my mind that it would be worth the wait. A lot of my creative troubleshooting skills that I'm used to in my everyday job were used here."

If the working partnership with Davy and A24 seems random, rest assured that it's not. Davy worked on "Moonlight" and "Under the Silver Lake," both A24-produced films, long before she landed the gig of delicately gluing gold flakes to the lids of Hunter Schafer: "'Under the Silver Lake,' that's my first movie where I got to do bold colors and wild looks that I just could be creative with," she says. "[It was] kind of 'Euphoria' makeup's baby sister."

So, what do you need to know about Half Magic? While the details are mostly being kept hush-hush for now, we can confirm that the products will be completely vegan and cruelty-free, featuring FDA-approved pigments that are safe for the eyes and all skin types, even the most sensitive. "I want it to be easy — for everybody to be able to use this line," she says. "People with sensitive eyes, kids, older people, contacts-wearing people. The glitter formulas we're making, the particles of glitter are ophthalmologist tested and approved."

They will also offer "Euphoria" fans the opportunity to re-create the show's most fantastical makeup looks at home — even if the line wasn't meant to be a direct replica of what you've seen on screen. "I wasn't thinking about the characters on the show at all; I was thinking about the people on Instagram who have re-created looks and put their own spin on them," she says.

For anyone already on the edge of their seat, mark your calendar: Half Magic is set to launch in May.