16 Evil-Eye Nails You Won't Be Able to Look Away From

Whether you call it ayn al-hasud, malocchio, nazar, or evil eye, you're probably familiar with this symbol, because it's having a serious moment. Sure, you can wear it in jewelry form, but evil-eye nails are so much fun. There's no better time to put a seasonal twist on your nails by embracing new designs and bright colors.

Everyone from celebrity manicurist Miss Pop to DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman has been seen wearing evil-eye nail art at one point or another. There are so many different ways you can tailor the design to fit your unique style. For example, musician Machine Gun Kelly debuted a hot-pink evil-eye manicure complete with long black eyelashes, while actor Ashley Benson wore her evil-eye design on top of a supermodel base color for a minimal approach.

Another thing we love about this nail trend is that you can get it in the salon or DIY it at home. While it may look a little daunting to execute at home, don't be scared. Evil-eye manicures are actually pretty easy to re-create at home using nail-art pens and a simple dotting tool. You can have fun with different designs and colors, or go the classic route as a good-luck charm.

This trend isn't going to fade anytime soon, so get inspiration for evil-eye nails ahead.

Blue-French-Tip Evil-Eye Nails

This manicure puts a fun twist on the classic french tip, trading in the traditional white line for a cobalt blue that matches the tiny evil-eye designs at the base of each nail.

Wavy Evil-Eye Nails

These nails play with different blue shades, glitter, and wave designs to add dimension to the subtle evil-eye symbols on alternating nails.

Simple Evil-Eye Nails

If you want to keep it subtle and simple, you can opt for a translucent nude or pink base coat and place a tiny evil-eye design at the base of one of your fingers.

Gold Evil-Eye Nails

This design plays with sparkly gold rays extending from the traditional circular evil-eye design, while also including a different design at the base of two nails.

Gold-Flake Evil-Eye Nails

This simple manicure adds a touch of sparkle by pairing tiny gold flakes with a small evil-eye design. At the base of each nail is a tiny gold speck.

Abstract Evil-Eye Nails

This abstract take on evil-eye nails plays with different patterns on each nail.

French-Tip Evil-Eye Nails

This classic french manicure features tiny evil eyes dancing on top of each nail.

Blue Evil-Eye Nails

This manicure has a bright-blue base and a large evil eye on the ring finger.

Pink Evil-Eye Nails

These nails have a light-pink base color and a small evil eye at the base of the ring finger.

White-and-Gold Evil-Eye Nails

These nails play with gold flakes and white abstract accents. Each nail has a clear base and features an evil eye surrounded by tiny gold flakes.

Alternating Evil-Eye Nails

This manicure includes a clear base and different creative takes on the evil-eye symbol on each nail.

Blue-and-Gold Evil-Eye Nails

This fun french-tip manicure features a large blue tip, gold flakes, and gold celestial accents, such as tiny stars and moons.

Black Evil-Eye Nails

This black manicure features small evil-eye accents, as well as intricate gold detailing on the ring finger.

Alternating Cobalt-Blue Evil-Eye Nails

This cobalt-blue manicure includes solid-blue nails, small evil-eye accents, and a large evil eye.

Milk-Bath Evil-Eye Nails

This nail art puts a fun twist on the trending milk-bath manicure, with tiny evil-eye designs and gold-flake accents.

Glittery Silver-and-Blue Evil-Eye Nails

This baby-blue-french-tip set includes tiny evil-eye accents and sparkly silver accents.