Hailey Bieber Got the Tiniest "J" Tattoo on Her Ring Finger For Her Husband, Justin

Many Hollywood couples are into expressing their love for each other in grand gestures — namely, tattoos. Over the weekend, Hailey Bieber got a new design on her ring finger of a cursive "J" for her husband, Justin. Celebrity tattoo artist Sanghyuk Ko — known on Instagram as Mr. K — shared a picture of the new tiny tattoo on his Instagram. "J✨ is for @justinbieber," read his caption. "It was PLEASURE for your trust on this meaningful piece."

During the same sitting in Mr. K's tattoo chair, Bieber also added another delicate piece of ink to the side of her neck: the word "beleza," which means "beauty" in Portuguese. It's no secret that her husband is covered head to toe in body ink, but Bieber's collection of tiny tattoos is impressive in its own right, just a bit more discrete. In total, she has more than 20 tattoos with her favorite style being fine-line, black-ink, script designs.

Now we're just waiting to see if Justin debuts a matching design of an "H" on his ring finger.