6 Tutorials For How to Braid Your Own Hair

Hairstyle trends come and go, but one look you can always rely on to remain in style is a good braid. The intricate look is versatile enough to wear for any season and any event — no matter what your hair length and hair type. Whether you're going to the gym, spending the day in the park, or just looking to keep your layered haircut out of your face, simple braids are there to lend a helping yet fashionable hand.

As stylish as the hairstyle may be, unless you know how to french braid your own hair, you're likely limited in the styles you can create. Rather than calling up that one friend or family member who knows how to braid hair every time you want to give the look a go, it may be worth investing some time in learning for yourself. We found some simple tutorials for how to braid hair for beginners that'll get you one step closer to achieving a flawless style in a matter of minutes. Whether you're interested in learning how to dutch braid your own hair or want to do an easy fishtail, you'll find yourself a pro in no time.

Tutorials For How to Braid Your Own Hair

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How to French Braid Your Own Hair

The french braid is classic and timeless. It's a great starting point for getting down the basics of braiding before attempting more challenging styles. This video breaks it down with step-by-step guidance.

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How to Flat-Twist Braid Your Own Hair

This braiding technique helps you create a protective hairstyle with that classic rope-like pattern. This tutorial makes getting flat twists easy, even for beginners.

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How to Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

Consider the dutch braid the reverse of the classic french look. It's a little trickier to do, even if the style uses the same technique (just in a different direction). Just note: you'll get a more pronounced braid using the dutch method.

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How to Box Braid Your Own Hair

Box braids get their name from the box, or square-shaped partings, that each section of hair makes on the scalp. The protective hairstyle keeps your ends protected, allowing your natural hair to grow without risking any damage. This tutorial will help you create the look at home with some practice.

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How to Fishtail Braid Your Own Hair

Say hello to the easiest braiding technique of all: the fishtail braid, which only requires two strands of hair to achieve. Instead of getting the rope-like look of a traditional braid, you'll see a scale-like pattern in your hair for a fun twist.

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How to Rope Braid Your Own Hair

For anyone looking to live out their cottagecore dreams this year, a rope braid will give you a soft, delicate, and ethereal look. Similar to the fishtail braid, it only uses two strands rather than three.