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Hunter Schafer's Makeup Artist Shares Her Best Beauty Tips

The Brilliant Contouring Hack Hunter Schafer's Makeup Artist Swears By

Hunter Schafer's Makeup Artist Shares Her Best Beauty Tips
Image Source: HBO

As Jules's celestial washes of glitter on HBO's Euphoria might suggest, actress Hunter Schafer knows how to make makeup look like it belongs in a MoMA exhibit. (Particularly in the abstract expressionism section, nestled right between Krasner and Pollock.) For the star's most recent — yet equally artsy — beauty looks, you can credit her makeup artist Sandy Ganzer.

While Ganzer didn't do Schafer's makeup for the hit show — they met on the press tour during the premiere screening — their collective approach to beauty is emblematic of what you see on screen. "Hunter likes to play with different looks and has a background in fashion and art, so doing her makeup is a collaborative effort," she said. "Luckily, I think we have a similar aesthetic when it comes to makeup. It's less about looking 'pretty' and more so using it to create an overall look that is cohesive with the hair and clothes in an artful way."

Also pure artistry: how Ganzer can create a contour on Schafer without a lick of makeup, her perfect pearly look, and more. Catch a glimpse of the magic ahead.

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