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Tiny Inner-Lip Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

Inner-Lip Tattoo Ideas That Can Be Completely Hidden

Inner-lip tattoos started to gain popularity a few years ago with notable stars like Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner getting them, but they're not often talked about. Because of the discreet nature of inner-lip tattoos, they can be easy to hide, but like with anything, there are pros and cons to consider.

On the pro side of getting a small tattoo on your inner lip, you have the ability to keep the ink completely concealed — no one has to see it unless you want them to. The hidden location allows for complete freedom when it comes to choosing a design (which is how Jenner ended up with "Meow" on her lip). But that brings us to the number-one downside of trendy inner-lip tattoos — they don't last very long. Due to several factors — friction from your front teeth, saliva, movement when talking and eating — most tattoos in this location fade away within less than a year (depending on how you look at it, that too can be a pro). You also have an increased risk of infection with inner-lip tattoos and the pain factor to consider because the skin here is very thin.

Ahead, we rounded up a few inner-lip tattoo ideas for anyone considering getting the hidden piece of ink.

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