Japanese Woodblock-Inspired Tattoos Are the Artsiest Things to Hit Instagram

If tiny tattoos aren't quite your thing, we have the bold ink alternative that's sure to get you noticed: Japanese woodblock-inspired tattoos. We stumbled upon these eye-catching beauties via Cosmopolitan, and we think they just might be the next big tattoo trend to hit Instagram.

Maxine Gautron, the owner of Brindi Tattoo in France, has perfected the art of these masterpieces, which feature vivid colors and one-of-a-kind designs that put a contemporary spin on the ancient Japanese art method. Whereas the old-school versions typically involved natural landscapes stamped from carved wood (think: that legendary "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" print by Hokusai), Gautron's versions have much more modern imagery, such as UFOs, doughnuts, and pizza. Scroll on for a look at some of his coolest tattoo designs to date.