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I Tried 6 K-Pop Makeup Looks at Home

I Tried 6 K-Pop Beauty Looks, and It Was Easier to Re-Create at Home Than It Looks

I Tried 6 K-Pop Makeup Looks at Home
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Hedy Phillips

I love trying to re-create things my favorite stars wear. The keyword here is "try." I'll preface this whole thing by saying my makeup skills are subpar at best. I wear the same makeup pretty much every day, except I rotate lipsticks. That being said, I love trying to mimic the makeup looks other people do, which is what I did here with some of the K-pop stars I love.

I took six of my favorite looks — many of them very easy to do at home — and tried them for myself. I gave you instructions and products to try on your own, and best of all, it's all very, very easy to re-create no matter your skill level. Don't worry if you don't know how to do a cut crease or the perfect winged liner — I don't either. If you do know how to do those things, by all means, take this tutorial and jazz it up how you see fit, but if your makeup skills are as basic as mine, join me on this journey of re-creation.

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