This Is Hands-Down the Best Body Exfoliator I've Ever Used

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Besides more intensive treatments like lasers, at-home facial exfoliants have made the biggest difference in evening out my skin, improving its texture, and keeping my melasma and hyperpigmentation at bay. So why wouldn't the same apply to body skin? Don't we want our legs, arms, booty, and beyond to be just as smooth and free of brown spots as our faces? I certainly do.

Just like there are distinctions between types of exfoliators for the face, the same applies to the body. There are chemical exfoliants, consisting of the acid families — alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), and polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) — which penetrate the dermis to dissolve the top layer of skin without scrubbing. There are enzymatic exfoliators, which are like the less-hardcore version of chemical exfoliants, and only work on the surface of the skin. These use natural enzymes found in things like papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, or kiwi that gently break down dead skin cells. Then there are physical exfoliants, which contain particles or granules (think: pulverized nut shells, pumice granules, bamboo powder, or small seeds) to manually slough away dead skin.

I've tried several different body washes and scrubs that fall into one of the above categories, and have been pretty disappointed. I haven't found acid-based body washes to be very potent, probably because they get watered down in the shower and are only left on the skin for a few seconds — which likely isn't really long enough to make a difference. Physical scrubs just feel a little too harsh and leave my body feeling depleted of natural moisture.

Then, Kate Somerville released my new holy grail product: the ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub ($56). Its corresponding face product — ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment — has had a cult following for years, so it doesn't surprise me that the body version would be just as good.

POPSUGAR Photography | Aviel Kanter

What sets this product apart from others in the market? It's a triple threat: the formula uses every type of exfoliation — physical, chemical, and enzymatic — to come at dull skin from all angles. There's pumice, a physical exfoliator that works to scrub off rough skin; lactic acid (an AHA) and salicylic acid (the BHA used in skin care) to chemically exfoliate and polish the top layer of skin; and papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes that provide a final boost of brightening.

I've been using this scrub every few days in the shower on my arms, chest, butt, and legs and TBH I feel like it's not only made my skin smoother, but also improved the texture and tone of my skin. Things like small scars on my legs have become more faint, and honestly my booty has never felt more string-bikini ready. All the little bumps on the back of my legs that pop up when I've been lazy and haven't changed out of my workout clothes immediately after sweating have been completely obliterated, and my elbows are legit glowing. For me, the results are immediate — as soon as I step out of the shower I can feel the difference in my skin.

Some things to keep in mind: like most acid-based exfoliators, this product has kind of a funky smell. I wouldn't say it's bad, and it's not like I'm holding my breath in the shower, but it's definitely not going to make your steam smell like lilies and vanilla. And like any other exfoliators, your skin is much more susceptible to UV rays and can easily burn if you don't diligently wear your SPF. So if any part of your body that you use the product on is exposed to the sun, make sure you're slathering on your 40+.

Still, while it may be a little pricey, this is a product that is seriously worth it — and a little goes a long way. I'm planning on it being a staple for my summertime shower regimen.